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Car Hire Top Tips

When you hire a car in the UK make sure you remember these simple tips so your journey is a safe and pleasant experience…

1 – Do not forget your driving licence (including the paper counterpart for UK photocard licence holders), as you will not be able to collect your hire car without it. You will also need to show your licence if you are stopped by police or involved in an accident.

2 – Make sure you leave plenty of time for your journey, as main roads and motorways in the UK suffer from congestion, particularly at peak times (7:30am to 9:00am and 4:00pm to 6:00pm). Also make sure you allow plenty of time to get the hire car back to the car hire company or else you will be charged for a late return.

3 – Invest in a UK road atlas because if, as can often be the case, a road or motorway on your original route is closed or heavily congested, you will need to navigate a new route.

4 – If you are involved in an accident do not say it was your fault and always take down the name, contact telephone number and vehicle registration number of the other person involved.

5 – Always make sure that you hire a car that is the right size to meet your needs, as some cars only have very limited baggage space. Golfers would be best to hire a people carrier to ensure their golf clubs fit in. Why not visit our car classification section to find the right car for your requirements?

6 – Don’t forget to ask staff at the car hire company what kind of petrol your rental car uses. In most cases it will be premium-unleaded petrol but it is always best to check to avoid putting the wrong fuel in your hire car.

7 – For safety reasons keep car doors locked when driving in residential or built-up areas, and always keep valuables out of sight. Carjacking is an unfortunate but very real part of our society in the 21st century, so be aware of your surroundings when getting in or out of the car.

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